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Social Life Networks is a network transport provider of premium calling services in Canada. Social Life Network’s National IXC Premium Dial Network reaches from Vancouver to Newfoundland and everywhere in between.

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A live bilingual 24/7 end user call center is available for anyone who has even the slightest issue or complaint with respect to a charge on their phone bill. Numerous databases have been development that include progressive bad ANI and number block end users. Database checks for number portability also prove a valuable vehicle in keeping bad debt and chargebacks low.

Why Choose Us?

From drastically lower transport rates to real-time online reporting and customized CDR’s submittal, SLN has taken every step to ensure its clients are receiving the best possible premium network service available in Canada.


Social Life Networks Inc.
Email: csr@sociallifenetworks.com

Customer Says

For years clients have been forced to deal with a few of the major underlying LEC’s as the only options available for their 900 transport/network provisioning in Canada. Times have changed! SLN offers the newest solutions.

Risk Management

With a strong focus on consumer safeguards and keeping bad debt at its very lowest levels, SLN set out with the goal in mind to overhaul the Canadian 900 network service provisioning space. Social Life Network decided to feverishly approach the new network not only from its clients perspective but from the end user callers perspective as well.